To bleach or not to bleach?

Sure, we all want our whites to be whiter.. but is bleaching our clothes really the best for them? We're here to #mythbust! 💖⁠

Rather than working to tackle the stain directly, bleaching uses harsh chemicals that damage and weaken the fibres, which means your clothes might not last as long. Essentially, the stain's still there but it's just been whitened while your favourite wardrobe items get weaker!⁠ 👎⁠

The solution? Find a stain gel (like ours) that uses enzyme technology. This will work with the stain to lift the grime away from the fabric. 👍⁠

For best results, get to the stain as soon as possible and add your stain gel as a pre-treatment directly on the mark before a wash. ✨

Our sensational stain gel can also be used as an in-wash treatment too - just add 4 pumps in your laundry drawer (where you'd usually put your liquid detergent) to keep those whites bright! 

smol stain gel