Sponsorship that's worth tackling!

This September we're excited to get the grass stains out of grassroots sport (and we’re talking rugby).

Some of you may already feel you know The Steelers, particularly if you’ve watched the wonderful documentary of the same name by Eammon Ashton-Atkinson. It’s moving, funny and wonderfully inspiring as it follows the team through the world’s largest LGBTQ+ rugby competition (the Bingham Cup).

Founded as the first ever gay inclusive rugby union club in 1995, The Kings Cross Steelers were revolutionaries and sparked the beginning of a growing inclusive rugby movement that now boasts over 80 clubs worldwide.  

smol couldn’t be more proud to become a sponsor to this incredible community club.

Grassroots sport is about so much more than just the sport itself. It brings health benefits, both mental and physical, the chance to meet others, to learn new skills and create strong community links. When groups come together in this way new friendships arise and people feel valued and encouraged to volunteer. These factors all play critical roles in fostering community development. The positive ripples then spread outwards.

A recent survey by England, Wales and Scotland Rugby Unions found 86% of people stated grassroots rugby benefited their mental health, 27% of people said it helped them feel less isolated and 51% of people said that lockdown made them miss the camaraderie of playing grassroots rugby. No wonder the return to full club play has been so gratefully received up and down the UK in the past couple of weeks. 

Unfortunately, one year after the London 2012 Olympics many sports saw government funding via Sport England slashed. Grassroots rugby union had its annual funding cut and this lack of investment has certainly contributed to the gap that has grown between grassroots clubs and elite rugby.

There are around 2000 Rugby Union clubs based across the UK, feeding the nation’s professional clubs and ultimately the national team. Funding is a top priority for each of these small clubs and without it they couldn’t exist. 

We’re all about championing the small guys so when the chance arose to sponsor this brilliant club and play our part at the grassroots level… we jumped.

And who better to TACKLE the muddy sports kit? We reckon our brilliant bio will be more than a match for those pesky grass stains and muddy splatters. Sportswear can often require cooler temperatures for washing which is exactly what our enzymes love most for optimal stain digestion! 

If you’re a rugby-playing household (or any other sport where getting muddy is inevitable) we think you’ll love our guide to getting out the grime:

  1. Try not to let the mud set into the fibres. If you aren’t going to wash immediately then at least fill a sink or bucket with warm water and remove any large lumps of mud. Your washing machine will thank you.
  2. Best results will come from a bio and smol bio is no exception. The enzymes will help to digest things like sweat, mud, blood and food. 
  3. You can add a stain remover if you wish but make sure these don’t contain bleaching agents - your kit will start to fade. We tend to just recommend a splash of smol fabric conditioner for a burst of fragrance and to keep fibres soft against the skin.
  4. When the cycle has ended hang out to line-dry if possible. This prevents shrinkage from tumble-drying and helps keep laundry eco-friendly (and your household bills low). If any stains remain, apply stain remover directly - leave for a few minutes, then soak in warm water before rinsing.

 We’re looking forward to our ongoing partnership with The Steelers. Here’s to many laundry loads, lots of tries, the Bingham Cup 2022 and a whole lot of sporting friendship.

There couldn’t be a better test for our laundry capsules but just like the Steelers, they are up to any task.