excuse me… can you spare a few minutes to answer some questions?

No need to avoid eye contact and pretend you didn’t hear whilst you walk on by… we think you might quite like our little survey because it’s all about YOU and YOUR eco-friendly hopes, experiences and opinions.

This October, we’ve teamed up with The brand bean (an independent research agency) and 3 like-minded, sustainable brands (TeaPigs, DAME and Troo Foods) to really get to the bottom of what you are looking for from us. We want to discover how we can provide real ecological answers to your product questions and wish-lists and whether you feel enough is being done for consumers.
How can we as customers ensure eco-friendlier behaviour?

What are businesses really doing to help customers make positive changes?
What do you really want to see tackled and do you trust business to find the answers?
Oh, and there’s 6 general questions about tea; now who doesn’t love thinking about tea?
Your answers will help us expose some of the issues that companies face in providing genuine ecological solutions. 

As Hilary Strong says (founder and director of The brand bean), “It’s common knowledge that many consumers are actively looking to become more eco-friendly in their day to day lives, yet the question remains, ‘why is it taking so long to translate into even bigger, faster changes in shopper and buyer behaviour?’ ”.
So please do get answering, we’d love to gather your thoughts, insights and opinions.

Best of all, once you have completed the survey you’ll have the chance to enter your email address to be in with a chance of WINNING a fab bundle full of GOODIES from TeaPigs, Troo Foods, DAME and of course yours truly ;)
What’s not to love? The link to take part is here:
Results are expected in January 2021 and we will share them with you then.