breaking news! powerful foaming bathroom spray is HERE!

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Get your bathroom sparkling with our BRAND NEW foaming bathroom spray. Soap scum and limescale are NOT invited (and will swiftly be removed) but YOUR name is definitely on the list.

6 reasons to love smol's new bathroom spray:

1. powerful formulation.

Our new formula has been designed to tackle both soap scum and limescale. It’s going to give a high-powered clean that will leave your bathroom gleaming.

2. new foaming action.

foaming bathroom cleaning spray

With a brand new foaming trigger head, your spray will cling to surfaces allowing it to get to work at once. What’s more, it will clean to a streak-free shine. Perfect.

3. a wonderful aroma.

Like bathroom cleaning sprays with a good smell? The cool crisp scent of eucalyptus gives a clean calm vibe. Who doesn’t love a bathroom with a freshly-cleaned fragrance.

4. no more single-use plastic.

Yes, the refill revolution marches on. Stop putting endless cleaning bottles in the recycling because you only need one bathroom bottle in your life and we know that plastic recycling in the UK is broken.

Keep your bottle and refill it with our tiny foaming tablets that fit through your letterbox in packs of 6 for £6.60 (free delivery). It really is that simple. 

5. cut carbon.

bathroom cleaning products

Our refillable sprays generate 91% less carbon than buying a big brand bathroom spray (that’s mostly water) from the shops. These heavy big brand bottles get shipped about the place creating huge carbon footprints and THERE’S A MUCH BETTER ALTERNATIVE! 

All the water you need is in your bathroom. In fact it’s the one room in the house that’s pretty well known for it. Use some to dilute your refill tablets whenever you need to refill your bottle. 

6. vegan & cruelty-free.

No we don’t use animal ingredients and yes we are Leaping Bunny accredited via Cruelty Free International. 

Whilst all UK companies have been banned from testing finished cleaning products on animals, many still use individual animal tested ingredients, or sell animal tested products abroad, for example in China where animal testing is required by law.

Only buying brands that display the Leaping Bunny symbol is the way to ensure you are not using ingredients that have been tested on animals. 

how to get your foaming bathroom spray.

At the moment our bathroom cleaning spray is just for existing customers. So if you are not a customer, perhaps you might like to grab one of our FREE TRIALS on laundry, dishwash or multi purpose spray. It’s a great way to test out smol and you can then get hold of our foaming bathroom cleaner.

Already been receiving the non-foaming bathroom spray?

We’ll automatically switch you to the new formula so your next pack will be a foaming one. You’ll ALSO receive your NEW FOAMING TRIGGER for your bathroom bottle-for-life. Make sure to remove the old spray head and from now on use your new one. It contains a special mesh inside and is the secret to creating all that lovely foam. 

and after the party…

If you weren’t planning on a relaxing bath or refreshing shower, you might be tempted. And if you keep that plastic-cutting vibe going with our shampoo bars, body bars and hand bars, your bathroom will be THE go-to venue for all self-respecting clubbers! Be warned.


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