should we be seeing suds in our laundry?

SUDS. Soap. Foam. Bubbles. 🧼⁠
What do they mean for our laundry?⁠ smol is here to bust those myths about whether big bubbles actually make things squeaky clean (you know, like those big car wash or bubble baths you see on the movies.) 

Lots of bubbles may LOOK like a good thing but in excess, they might not be the best for you or your laundry....⁠

WHY? 👉 Over time, detergent can build up inside your washing machine, particularly if you've used too much product. ⁠

This leads to a soap scum residue that sticks inside the drum, the machine drawer and even to your laundry, causing stains!⁠

A smol tip to clean your machine to remove that bubble build up is to run a hot wash every few months, giving your drawer a good wipe down and emptying the filter before and after the cycle.⁠

💡Our super concentrated capsules are an easy solution. Rather than overloading with laundry powder or liquid, our capsules give you just the right dose to let your machine do its thing, with the correct amount of water to clean your clothes.⁠ Use one capsule for a normal load, or 2 for larger machines (6kg+) or particularly dirty laundry.⁠