share smol for super savings

Q: Does smol have a friend referral scheme?

A: YES! Of course we do! :)

Everyone loves a good discount so read on to learn about our brilliant ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme that rewards you with free packs of laundry, dishwash, and spray refills when you share your love of smol!
After you sign up to smol, you’ll receive a very special email from us that you can then share with your friends and family. Within the email is a link that takes you directly to our website. Forwarding the email on to friends and family will give them access to this link. If they then follow it to our website and request a free trial, you'll get your next pack of laundry, dishwash or multi purpose spray refills free.
No need to enter any codes or jump through any magical hoops!! It’s all done automatically for you behind the scenes. Easy.
Maybe you don’t yet have our laundry or dishwash but you’re enjoying our fabulous fabcon or super surface sprays instead. Not a problem. You'll receive £6.60 off your next order instead so you can still enjoy brilliant savings just the same.
And don’t worry if you misplace the email. You can always login to your account on our website at any time after the first 16 days and you’ll find your very own link on your very own customer account. Just click on ‘manage smol plan’ and you’ll see the button you need sitting on top of your plans.
Click the button and copy your link. You can then share it in any way that suits you best.
The important thing to remember is that your friends only use your link to visit the site if they are wanting to sign up. This will ensure the sign up is credited to your email share, and the discount placed onto your account.
So, what are you waiting for? Why not start sharing! Got lots of friends? Well then you may never have to pay full price again! The more you share the more you save. Lovely.