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Why laundry? ……

Have you ever had that sinking feeling as you turn into the laundry aisle of the supermarket? Nothing of interest, nothing of pleasure, just reminders of the chores waiting for you when you get home. Why is laundry detergent shopping like visiting the aisle that time forgot: shelf after shelf of the same big box detergent, old products and brands that haven’t changed in decades. 

Like many of us, we had been trying to do our bit by purchasing environmentally friendly products where we could.  But when it came to laundry brands, there was so little to choose from. All the brands were (and still are!) packaged in heavy duty plastic, even the cardboard boxes have a plastic coating which makes them utterly un-recyclable. The only eco-friendly brands available cost twice the price, and didn’t work!  I once used half a bottle in one wash, but it didn’t remove a single stain; ketchup, pasta sauce, tea, make-up let alone the kids' PE kits… which came out smelling just as sweaty as when they went in.

We kept thinking that there must be a better option. Is it unrealistic to have environmentally friendly laundry products that actually work and don't cost a fortune?  And, why couldn't we have household cleaning products that were exciting, beautiful, and consistent with our lives today?

Those are the reasons why Nick and I embarked on the development of smol and decided to start a laundry detergent company. We believed it had to be possible to create eco-friendly products that genuinely worked just as well as the other brands, in packaging that was far more sustainable, far more beautiful, and importantly designed to fit our busy lives and homes. We set out to create a smol revolution in household cleaning, starting with laundry detergent. We listed out all the problems with the current market and then set about resolving every single one of them.

smol was launched in 2018, after nearly 2 years in development. Finally, we had achieved what we were convinced was possible:

  • High Performance cleaning with a lower chemical content 
  • Great value for money, up to half the price of the leading brands.
  • A super convenient delivery system: ordered online, regularly delivered through the letterbox, no need to lug bulky boxes home from the supermarket or even visit that dreaded aisle!
  • Compact packaging for a low carbon footprint and easy storage 
  • Cruelty free & vegan accreditation 
  • Beautiful, environmentally friendly packaging.

Two years later it’s hard to believe how far we have come. smol is now the UK’s fastest growing laundry brand, helping families across the country with over 1 million washes a week. 

And guess what?  We are not stopping now. With dishwash tablets launched to huge success last year, we are constantly improving, innovating and, most importantly, listening to what our amazing community of customers are asking of us. Watch out for even more exciting news ahead. 

smol things make a big difference 😉