NO wash washing - tips to freshen up your clothes

 ⁠It's easy to go on auto-pilot and put your clothes straight into the washing basket without really taking a good look at if we can get another wear out of the item, or seeing if there's another solution to popping it straight in the machine...

Lucky for you, we've got our 5 top tips for 'no wash washing', so you can freshen up your clothes AND take a load off, as part of our #washwell campaign to save carbon and water this No Laundry Day. 

1. The shake off 🤝 An easy one first! Give your worn clothes a shake and pop them on a hanger to give them some air before the next wear.⁠

2. The sniff test 👃This one needs no introduction. We all do it! There’s no sniff shame here. ⁠

3. The spot check 👕 Wipe that spill and treat stains quickly and you won’t have to chuck the whole thing in the machine.⁠

4. The steam 💨 Ironing works magic for freshening up your worn clothes too, steaming away creases and smells.⁠

5. The spritz 💦 Mix a pump of fab con or essential oils in with some water to spray over hardier fabrics. Just remember check your garment instructions first.⁠

These quick fixes and alternative solutions can help cut down the amount we use our machine over the month, and we'd love you to give it a go and let us know what you think!

Got any other ideas? Let's hear them 😁
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