no laundry day

We're doing something NO laundry company has done before...

This National Laundry Day we're asking you to take a load off (quite literally) and join us for #NOlaundryday on 15th April!

We're spreading the word about how you can #washwell at home. Because if we all did just 1 less wash each month, together we'd cut down on HUGE amounts of energy, water, carbon & costs over the year.

And when we say huge, we mean it.
If every UK home got involved and did 1 less wash a month, in a year we'd save a massive 15.6 BILLION litres of water, and 120,000 TONNES of carbon emissions (that's enough to heat 43,000 homes for a year!*)

And that's where you come in. We need your help to get the word out about the huge impact #nolaundryday can have, encouraging your friends, family, neighbours... everyone to get involved. 

Now, we know cutting down 1 wash seems like a lot, but in a recent smol survey we found that...

  • 77% of us ran our washing machine LESS than full once a month (49% did this at least once a week!)

  • 42% of us occasionally washed clothes when they weren't noticeably dirty

#washwell is all about finding ways to wash that are better for your clothes and better for the planet, so we're going to be sharing our top tips for taking a load off this April on our social media channels.

Head over to our Instagram page here and Facebook page here (and make sure to give us a follow too, if you're not already!) 

Stay tuned for a bunch of tips, tricks and hacks and get ready to turn off those machines and let's celebrate NOT doing #laundry this Friday 15th April! 🌏⁠