National Hygiene Week

National Hygiene Week returns on 3rd – 9th October to help raise awareness about hygiene poverty and its impact on those pulled into poverty.

We’ve always worked closely with The Hygiene Bank but we wanted to do something a little different this year to help in their fight against hygiene poverty.

So we’ve decided to get social!

We’re donating 1 FREE WASH to The Hygiene Bank for EVERY like and share on our post across ALL our social media channels.

Hygiene poverty is a humiliating and hidden issue.

With the rising costs of living and coming out of a global pandemic, more and more families here in the UK are facing serious challenges. Households struggle to put food on the table, to heat their home, pay their rent and of course they cannot buy the essentials that many take for granted. In fact those ‘essentials’ are the first thing to go. 

Research from The Hygiene Bank shows that people tend to stop buying toiletries for example, long before they start visiting food banks. Hygiene has become a luxury.

Poor access to these basic necessities impacts mental and physical health, the ability to find work, go to school… it affects everything. 

It’s the inability to take a shower with shampoo, conditioner and soap. It’s using an old toothbrush because you can’t afford a new one and not using any toothpaste. It’s having to choose between shaving your face or using deodorant. It’s washing your clothes less often because you can’t afford laundry detergent. It’s not being able to change your baby’s nappy for long periods or having to reuse disposable nappies because you can’t afford more than one per day. It’s being scared to leave your home during your period, or missing school because your homemade solutions leak and could embarrass you. It’s not being able to clean your home because you can’t afford cleaning products. 

Together, we want to raise awareness of the essential work done by The Hygiene Bank to support those experiencing hygiene poverty.

1 wash donated for EVERY like and share from 3rd-9th October.* 
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Across our 4 different social pages, you can donate up to 4 washes to someone who really needs it - just by clicking like and share.

The wider we share this message, the more donations we’ll have to give to those who really need it..

Active on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin AND TikTok? Well, that’s 4 washes to The Hygiene Bank right there! Get liking and sharing!

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*We're donating up to 10,000 washes to The Hygiene Bank. 1 like and share on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin = 1 donated capsule. 1 like on TikTok = 1 donated capsule. Measured over 1 week from when this post went live until Monday 10th October 2022 at 9am.