July smol talk

smol talk has a lot to say this month and it feels as though we've been busier than ever.
We're sure life feels the same for you too.

Plastic Free July remains front and centre for us all here at smol HQ and the team have been slowly adding to their list of easy plastic-free swaps that make a real difference to pollution and our wallets.

So, are you sitting comfortably? Then we will begin.


smol products

This Plastic Free July is all about how we can Turn the Tide on single-use plastic. It encourages us to make easy everyday swaps and highlights the impact that can be made by lots of people making small changes.

So how about these 3 interesting plastic-free swaps to help us as we choose to refuse…

plastic-free swap examples

wooden highlighter pencils (who knew!)

They come in all your favourite neon colours and work exacly like their plastic equivalents. Not only are they fully biodegradable and made of wood, they will never bleed or dry out like the pens. 

loose leaf tea 

Not only is it cheaper but you don't run the risk of buying plastic-coated tea bags. Many people think tea tastes better from a teapot but if you're only making one cup maybe try out a tea infuser to dangle in your mug - you can then just tip the grounds into the garden or your compost. 

bamboo-based plasters.

 These all-natural plasters protect your skin without the synthetic chemicals contained in plastic plasters and they are very popular amongst those with sensitive skin. Added to all this they will biodegrade fully unlike their plastic versions. 

tips for eco no wash washing

We can all habitually put our clothes straight into the dirty laundry basket without realising that perhaps we might get another wear or two out of them, or seeing if there's another solution to popping it straight in the machine.

So here's our 5 top tips for no wash washing... to freshen up clothes and take a load off, helping save water and carbon as well as your wallet!
  1. the shake off 🤝 an easy one first! Give your worn clothes a shake and pop them on a hanger to give them some air before the next wear.⁠ ⁠
  2. the sniff test 👃 this one needs no introduction! There’s no sniff shame here. ⁠If it smells acceptable then it probably doesn't need a wash. ⁠
  3. the spot check 👕 wipe that spill and treat stains quickly so you don't have to chuck the whole thing in the machine.⁠ ⁠
  4. the steam 💨 ironing works magic for freshening up your worn clothes... steaming away creases and smells.⁠ ⁠
  5. the spritz 💦 mix a pump of fabric conditioner or essential oils with some water to spray over hardier fabrics. Remember to check your garment instructions first.⁠ 


These quick fixes and alternative solutions can help cut down the amount we use our machine over the month, and we'd love you to give it a go and let us know what you think!

And if you're looking for a fabric conditioner to try out tip no.5 why not give our fabulous animal fat-free fabcon a go. It's summery, floral scent is perfect for giving worn clothes a new lease of life.

Click here to order your starter pack today. 

smol peeps

Say hello! to Melissa, our whizz Business Analyst. Melissa has been at smol for 3.5 years and first joined as our Supply Chain Manager. She's all about improving processes and finding ways to make smol run smoothly; getting us from A to B in the best way possible.

What's your favourite smol product and why?

smol dishwash tabs, they perform as well as any branded tabs, but are not packaged in avoidable plastic, and unlike the big brands smol is a small independent company with honest ethics at its core.

What's the best bit about your job and working for smol?

I like the variety of my role, working across the whole business no two days are the same. I also enjoy the problem solving aspect of my job; I am desperately stubborn and can't leave a puzzle unsolved 😉

What's a handy eco-friendly tip you can share for houshold cleaning?

Keep toothbrushes that are past their best, and use them for cleaning all those hard to reach awkward spaces. They are especially good for cleaning bikes and spoke alloy wheels.

It's the weekend...where will we find you and what are you doing?

At the weekend you’ll find me on a long dog walk to a country pub with family and friends.

With your help, Suds In Schools is assisting children living in hygiene poverty.


8 in 10 primary school teachers say that they’ve seen a rise in the numbers of children coming to school unwashed or not looking presentable (The Hygiene Bank) - just one of many examples of how hygiene poverty can really affect children.


smol products for the kitchen


This was a cause that we really wanted to support. Our Suds in Schools campaign launched in Autumn 2021 with the aim of raising £50,000 to install mini-launderettes into schools across the UK. These machines give families in need free access to laundry facilities and detergent. We were so touched by the response from customers and the wider public; your donations ensured that we smashed our fundraising target in less than a month.

We've been really busy getting to work in the last few months, with our co-founder Paula taking the lead in contacting each nominated school and liaising with each one to get the machines installed.

Of course, it's not always been straightfoward. It's vital to make sure the machine sits in a suitable area within school property, that families can have easy access without disturbing the school and always ensuring that children are safe-guarded. BUT....we're making huge progress!

With additional generous help from our friends at Samsung we have already installed 28 machines in different schools around the UK and are well on our way to having another 25 installed in the coming Autumn term.


smol suds in schools project


calling all storage-hunters!


We LOVE our brand new, eye-catching caddies and it turns out thousands of you do too!

They're sleek, they're shiny and they're here to sensationalise smol storage.

The best bit? Not a whiff of plastic in sight. They are made from sturdy metal, built to last and forever refillable and recyclable.

They will easily hold a box and a half of dishwash tablets or laundry capsules, and cost just £8 with FREE delivery; keeping your smol stylish, dry and easily accessible*.

It's super simple to add them to your life... just login to your account and a caddy awaits to match your plan. There’s bio, non-bio or dishwash so if you subscribe to all 3, you can add all 3 :)

Just fill them up, close the lid and the job’s done.

smol products storage

*our metal caddies are not child-impeding. Always store your laundry capsules safely out of reach of children.

 That's all for now. Why not reach out on social media and let us know how you've got involved this Plastic Free July?

As a smol customer you're already saving plastic and that's a beautiful thing, but we love to hear your other tips and tricks on ditching the dreaded single-use plastic.