how cleaning can reduce stress

Hands up who finds household cleaning a chore; a necessary evil to ensure your home remains clean, clutter-free and a place you enjoy spending time! Would it shock you to hear how studies show that cleaning can be incredibly helpful for battling stress, anxiety and improving our general mental health? 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “tidy home, tidy mind” so perhaps we should not be surprised that the evidence now supports this. Surrounding ourselves in mess and disorganisation can be stressful for us, and it’s subconsciously linked to feeling confused, lost and tense. It can also reduce our productivity. 

But the benefits of having a clean and tidy environment don’t stop there: The act of cleaning itself has been proven as a therapeutic and effective way to destress and reduce anxiety.

So far so good! Whip the marigolds on quick smart, you cry! But what if the thought of tidying your whole house in a day feels overwhelming? Frustratingly, those who might feel the most benefit from a tidy house, or the cleaning work itself, might find they are the least able or enthusiastic to embark on the task.

Breaking chores down into more manageable jobs is one solution and we have gathered our best cleaning hacks to help keep on top of things.


  1. Make your bed every morning

Sounds simple, but having a tidy bed ensures a good start to your day and discourages you from crawling back into bed later on ;)  A tidy bed also encourages you to keep the rest of your room neat, which subconsciously makes you feel better and improves productivity. This is especially important at the moment if you’re working from home and spending lots of time in your bedroom. 

  1. Clean as you go

Try to tackle most mess as it’s made so it can’t build up and feel overwhelming. Wipe the surfaces as soon as they get grubby, put things away as soon as you’re done using them, and don’t let your pile of dirty laundry turn into a mountain. By ensuring that things are cleaned up immediately, you can stop clutter from accumulating in the first place.

  1. Set timers

Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, put some music on and race against the clock to see how much you can tidy/clean. You can dust, get the hoover out, or stick the dishwasher on (with a smol tablet, of course). You’ll be surprised at what you can get done in such a short amount of time, and you’ll feel a lot better afterwards!


  1. Break it up into sections

Assign each room to a day of the week. On that day, every week, focus on tidying that one room. Once you’ve found a good routine, it will almost become second nature, and stay manageable.

  1. Go on a sorting spree

Pick a room, and put everything that doesn’t belong there into a bag, box, or laundry basket. Next, sort the items into piles, depending on where they belong, before returning them to their proper place. Create a pile for things that you no longer need. Be ruthless here - chuck out or donate anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in your home, or bring you happiness.

  1. Clear out your cleaning cupboards

Ironically, our cleaning cupboards can be the most cluttered place in the home! Use up old products before buying new ones and switch to compact, concentrated products such as our smol laundry capsules instead of a bulky box of detergent. The extra space will feel uplifting and cleaning won’t seem so daunting when you open that dreaded cupboard.

  1. Perform a room makeover

If you’re feeling really stressed and trapped within your home, why not try rearranging a room in your house? Reposition furniture, mix up decorative items, and give the room a revamp. This will help with boredom, give you something to focus on and help you feel less stressed. It’s always healthy to mix things up a bit, and freshen up your environment.

  1. Little and often

Finally, remember that smol things make a big difference, and doing a little bit (10 minutes or so) each day will be the best way to stay on top of things, and keep your home clean, tidy and positive.

Keep calm and carry on cleaning!