december smol talk

December is here and the run-up to Christmas is well and truly underway!
Nevertheless, we hope you’ll be able to spare a few moments to catch-up
on some smoltalk...

people holding smol products in the kitchen
8 days left - help us to hit our target!!

Working with The Hygiene Bank has highlighted to us the huge issue of hygiene poverty and its effects upon young children. Access to clean clothing might feel a small thing but for kids going without, it is socially excluding, inhibits learning and affects mental health. 

We’ve recently launched our Suds in Schools Crowdfunder campaign and our goal is to create mini-laundrettes in those schools which really need them, providing a washing machine/dryer and all the detergent they need to ensure no child in their care has to suffer from the consequences of not having clean clothes/uniforms.

We have been bowled over by the response to this campaign and with your help we smashed our first target of £10,000 in just 3 hours. We’re now aiming to raise £50,000 and every little helps. Feedback from customers just proves how important this campaign really is: “The school that I work at is in an area of high deprivation. Many of our families are living in poverty and I see children come to school every day in unwashed clothing.”

“Like market towns up and down the UK it is a tale of 2 halves, with some affluent areas but many areas where children are living in poverty. When faced with the choice of food, heat or hygiene it is not surprising people choose food and heat before considering hygiene.”

Every donation, however large or small, will help us to help more schools. If you would like more information or feel able to donate, please visit the Crowdfunder page here.
bathroom cleaning hacks with dishwasher tablets

Limescale on plugs can require harsh chemicals to remove
OR you could just keep a smart little smol dishwash tablet to hand!

A quick rub with a smol dishwash tablet restores shower doors and taps to their former glory.

1. wet the area
2. rub smol dishwash tablet over taps or glass, wherever you see limescale
3. leave for a few minutes then rinse off with water 

Each tablet lasts ages so pop it back in your bathroom cupboard for use again another day! Using smol bathroom spray daily will also help avoid ongoing limescale build-up also and it's quick and easy to use.

(Some shower trays may become slippery when wet so we recommend wearing flip flops or beach shoes for grip). 

If you aren’t a smol dishwash customer, then why not grab your free trial today?

laundry fluff  

Almost ¾ of the plastic microfibers in the Arctic Ocean are polyester that appears to be coming from our clothing. But it’s been easy for us to ignore the full impact of our laundry because we can’t see these microplastics drain from our machines - but they are there.

Empty your tumble dryer filter though and it’s all too clear. This is the exact same stuff that gets washed out of your clothing in the washing machine.

So what if we told you this fluff could in fact be useful stuff?

Matter (the microplastic filter folk) are researching all sorts of ways to reuse and upcycle your microplastic fluff, keeping it out of landfill and turning it back into things like packaging and insulation. To continue the research they need enough fluff to fill a bus! As tumble dryer lint is so light it’s super simple to pop into an envelope and post to: 

Matter, Unit 5
Avon Trading Estate
St Philips

Please DON’T put your lint in plastic or a plastic bag. A paper envelope or cardboard box is perfect (an old smol box if you can repurpose it?) and for more info you can find out more at Fibre reuse — Matter.

Note! Tumble dryers are huge generators of carbon in the home and so of course we recommend that you avoid using one whenever possible. However, if this winter sees you really needing a dryer then posting lint to Matter supports a really innovative cause.

smol products packaging

Our two marvels of engineering are safely installed in our warehouse and busy helping pack your laundry capsules and dishwash tablets. They’re a great addition to the team and are already making life much easier. 

You voted in your hundreds and we loved the names that won.
But who were Ellen and Josephine?

Ellen Eglin was an African-American inventor of the first clothes wringer in 1888. At the time, clothes were wrung out by hand then hung to dry so this was a HUGE labour-saving. Sadly, Ellen sold her patent in order to get it manufactured. She is quoted as saying “I am black and if it was known that a Negro woman patented the invention, white ladies would not buy the wringer.” We salute you Ellen and your ingenious creation that had such a huge impact on those having to do laundry.

Josephine Cochrane was the female inventor of the first motor-powered dishwasher in 1886. She designed it in the shed behind her house and then went on to found her own manufacturing company to start production. She died in 1913 but was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2006 for her dishwashing invention.Any questions or feedback? 

Get in touch via email or social media, as always, we love hearing from you. 
Merry Christmas from all of us here at team smol!

We’ll be back for another bit of smoltalk in February next year… is it really 2022 already?! 

P.s. Expecting a smol delivery over the Christmas period? With the bank holidays falling on weekdays this year, it might be worth checking your smol delivery dates. It’s simple to amend the date if needed. Login