Big vs. smol

“Look how big you are!”, “we’re going to need a bigger boat”, “think big” – we’re constantly told how great it is to be big. Tom Hanks famously used a magic genie wish on it.


But what if instead of being big, we could have all of the qualities, but in a smaller form? Laundry is infamously synonymous with this notion of big; overflowing piles of clothes, large detergent boxes and huge powder scoops.


But, at smol, we’ve started the laundry revolution. Think Ant-Man, of the laundry world; all the power of a larger man but concentrated into a smaller one. And, like Ant-Man, we can also fit through a letterbox. We’ll take a pass on the Lycra bodysuit, though.


We’ve made it our mission to make a stand against the big corporations. We’re David in the standoff with Goliath. The stone is our world’s most effective laundry capsule, the slingshot is our customers. Join our laundry revolution today, sign up for your free trial and help us not only bring down the big corporations, but also the price of laundry.



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