5 great reasons to ditch Fairy and switch to smol washing up liquid.

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We don’t believe in Fairy (we don’t, we don’t) when there are so many great reasons to switch to smol washing up liquid instead. It’s going to look sensational next to your sink AND will fill the air with the fruity fragrance of pink grapefruit. It’s the future of washing up, so grab your gloves!

1. refill not landfill. 

smol washing up liquid not only comes in 100% recycled plastic (that’s fully recyclable) BUT your empties can be returned to us for REFILL, for FREE. Every year in the UK, hundreds of millions of empty washing up liquid bottles head to landfill because our recycling systems are failing. Procter & Gamble (who own Fairy) have been named as one of the worst plastic polluters in the world.*

Close the loop and REFILL with smol and you’ll never need to recycle another washing up bottle again (or worry about it going to landfill).

2. plant-based & biodegradable at a fair price.

smol washing up liquid uses potent plant-based power to bust through grease for dazzling dishes. Most washing up liquids do not use plant-based ingredients. But what’s even better is the price! At just £2 for 500ml (compared to plant-based Method’s £3.50 for just over 500ml **) you’ll enjoy around 120 sink loads of spotless pots per bottle - even in cold water!

Then when you pull the plug… there are no phthalates, triclosan or parabens draining down the sink..

3. cruelty-free & vegan. 

Ever spotted the Leaping Bunny symbol on Fairy washing up liquid? No, neither have we. Leaping Bunny accreditation from Cruelty Free International is the global gold standard in finding products that are not tested on animals by either the manufacturer or a third party and have not had their individual ingredients tested on animals either.

You’ll always find it on smol products PLUS our washing up liquid is plant-based and vegan.

4. pump ensures no overdosing. 

Squeezy bottles are really good at overdosing on detergent. It’s why they are so loved by manufacturers (because you’ll use more than you need and run out faster!).

There’s no danger of overdosing with smol washing up liquid. Our clever pump doses exactly what you need (2-3 pumps per sink load). Each 4-pack gives around 500 wash-ups so will last and last even if you’re a daily washer upper!

5. safe for your garden. 

Because our washing up liquid is plant-based and biodegradable it’s safe for septic tanks and you can even use your dirty dish water in your garden if you want. Just make sure you use the water within 24 hours of washing your dirty plates and as with all grey household water for the garden - don’t use it to water vegetables or fruit that you intend to eat.

* The Changing Markets Foundation “Talking Trash” Report 2020
** Price correct as of Jan 2023 Sainsburys

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