rinse and return.

If our bottles cannot be kept with you for refill and you prefer not to recycle, you can return them to us for refill. We’ll clean and sanitise them before refilling and sending them back out into the world.

All our bottles must be either super easy to recycle or returnable to us for refill. 

Our Rinse, Return & Lend a Hand scheme is hugely popular amongst our customers. Not only because reusing is so much better than recycling but because for every 4 bottles sent back to us to reuse, we donate 1 pack of laundry capsules to The Hygiene Bank. This charity works tirelessly to end hygiene poverty for the most vulnerable nationwide.

The end result means our bottles can be used again and again which is great news for the environment, all the while supporting an amazing cause. You can learn more here about this scheme.