we work with lots of different influencers and bloggers.

From mums and families to eco-warriors.

We will reward you for every new customer signup that you generate.

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3 great reasons to work with smol.

an amazing product.

  • the most effective concentrated laundry capsule in the world
  • recycled and recyclable packaging
  • made with less chemicals than the leading capsule brands
  • compact packaging – easy and neat to store
  • convenient! Ordered online, delivered through the door
  • cruelty-free and vegan (leaping bunny certified)
  • automatic delivery, no more carrying big packs
  • fragranced using ethically sourced essential oils
  • Good Housekeeping Institute approved

smol is growing fast.

  • high conversion – everyone needs to wash their clothes
  • from grandparents to families to single person households, old and young, men and women, smol is a brand with really broad appeal

we support our partners.

  • the support you need to post and earn
  • easy reward scheme
  • content ideas, banners and images
  • photos, gifs and ads
  • social media tips and strategies
  • email and newsletters to keep you up to date
  • personalised platform for tracking and links
  • dedicated partnership team

here to help.



who can apply to become an influencer for smol?

There are lots of great reasons to switch to smol and our brand has incredibly broad appeal. We’re already working with family, parenting, eco-friendly and vegan influencers and bloggers.

Some of our influencers have 500 followers, others have more than 50,000 - what matters to us is that you love smol and that you have an authentic, engaged audience who you think would be interested in trying smol.

Please note, we will not partner with inappropriate sources (e.g. adult or gambling content).

how do I sign up?

Simply click the link to sign up and you will be asked to give some details and to register your interest in smol.

Our team will review this and get back to you asap - as soon as we give you the go-ahead you can start!

We manage our influencer programme through software that

- generates unique codes for each influencer

- stores content e.g. ads, images, texts, videos that you can download and use to promote smol

- tracks results and rewards you

As part of your application you will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions.

what will I have to do?

We would expect all influencers to post at least one intro post to smol - most people do that as a product review. we also know that stories work really well. whatever and wherever you post content, you MUST make sure your unique link is clearly visible.

smol gets great conversions - we generally find that social media is a brilliant way of promoting smol and creating new customer sign ups. We don’t insist on how many posts you do, but the more you can post, the more customers you create and the more you earn! Our partnership team are on hand to help you get the most out of our content and we’ll also regularly mail you fresh content and ideas. We also reward our best influencers with bonuses.

how will I be paid?

Our software will provide you with a unique tracking code that you must use. After clicking on your link, new customers will be able to sign up for a smol account and order their free product trial.

We reward influencers in different ways - sometimes with product, other times with a cash payment for each new customer generated.

You will be credited 15 days after each account sign up, with rewards and payment made in the following month.

when will I be paid?

Where relevant, payments are monthly, the month following each new customer sign up.

how will smol help me?

We have a dedicated partnership team, on hand to help you to plan activities or to provide content, promotional codes - whatever you need!