We're going plastic free!!

Get ready for possibly our most exciting blogpost to date… *drumroll please*

Introducing our revolutionary plastic free packaging! 

That’s right! We’re so, so excited to be moving over to plastic free packaging!!!!

When we launched smol just over two years ago, our vision was to shake up the cleaning industry and start a laundry revolution. Why lug heavy boxes and bottles back from the supermarket, when you can have eco-friendly, super concentrated, great smelling laundry capsules delivered to your door, for half the price?

Ever since we launched smol we have been committed to improving our packaging. However, our products also need to be packed in child safe packaging and achieving that without plastic is no easy task. As our products are 100% water soluble, our packaging had to be water repellant too.

Our original packs were made using recycled waste cardboard and plastic, and were 100% recyclable. However, we still weren’t satisfied, so first we reduced the overall plastic content by 30%. Later we started our packaging returns scheme, which meant customers could send empty packs back to us, which we then cleaned, refilled and reused. However, still not happy we continued to strive to find ways to be even more sustainable whilst still offering the best laundry detergent to our customers. 

It’s taken us over a year to develop our 100% plastic free packaging, and we went through over a hundred different designs and prototypes to get here. We’re so delighted to finally share it with you. It’s been a journey, people!

Our brand-new patent pending design means our packs are child safe, and water repellant too so your capsules will be safe in transit. Every pack is printed with vegetable-based ink and, of course, is still 100% recyclable.

Our laundry capsules are leaping bunny certified, cruelty free and vegan. We think they are the best eco friendly cleaning product around.

For every pack of smol bought instead of the big brands, you’ll be:

-       saving 168 grams of chemicals

-       saving 60 grams of plastic

-       reducing your carbon footprint

-       ensuring less laundry products are tested on animals

 All new customers who sign up from 30th March 2020 will receive plastic free trial packs. Our regular customers will begin to receive the new packs once our existing packaging has been used up (this could take a few weeks so please bear with us). We are phasing in our eco friendly packaging in the UK to ensure sustainability and to create as little waste as possible. 

We’re so excited to share our big news with you, and whilst things seem really uncertain and difficult right now, we’re hoping our announcement will put a smile on your face.

Thanks for your wonderful support over the last two years. You’re all amazing. 

smol things make a big difference 😉