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Yes, we always say it…. smol has the BEST customers.

So what’s the secret? 

Consumer experts say a great customer understands it’s a two way street. And here at smol HQ we’d have to agree. In fact we feel it sits at the heart of what makes using smol feel different. Yes, our customers need us; we’re providing you with great products to help you clean your home in a planet-friendlier way… but equally we know how much we need you!

Having a genuine interconnection that works both ways between “us” and “you” is one of the reasons we founded smol. We wanted to work together to make a difference in ways other brands just didn’t do. We understand each and every day that we wouldn’t be here without customers that are loyal and longstanding. 

As one customer said, “I’m not sure I’ve been in a relationship with a company before…” , but that’s what we value. A connection that flows both ways between us and you.

so let’s dive on in…

… to the smol circle.

smol circle is THE way to share your thoughts on cleaning, shopping and planet-friendly living and it’s a great way for us to gain your feedback -  you can even test our new products before they launch!

At the end of the day, no one knows smol better than you so we set up smol circle to welcome you on board and pick your brains. And it’s very FREE and very easy to join!


what’s in it for you?

Well, firstly, we have lots of exciting activities in our plans for smol circle and we’re constantly adding more to the list.

exclusive giveaways. 

Who doesn’t love winning a prize? We regularly run competitions just for our smol circle customers so if you’re not in the mix… you’re missing out on a potential win!

engaging content. 

Want to discuss ideas on planet-friendly cleaning or share handy tips and tricks that help around the house?… smol circle is a great place to do just that.

spy & try new products… 

We LOVE giving smol circle members the chance to be the very first to see and try our new products when they launch.

shape a future smol. 

Our focus groups let you get involved as we make plans for upcoming smol activity and innovation. 

 get together. 

We’ll sometimes also host events and be sure to offer some smol circle members the chance to join us.

what’s in it for us? 

A wealth of knowledge and insights from our fabulously discerning and knowledgeable customers. 
Things like regular surveys (every couple of months or so) allow us to learn what you all have to say about cleaning, smol products and what’s important to you about both these areas.
At its heart is an invaluable feedback loop from smol to you and you to smol. So if you’re a smol enthusiast then we want to hear from you…


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