smol talk November

It’s November and there’s a fair chance it’s raining outside. 
So as long as you haven’t left the laundry on the line outside, how about joining us for some smol talk?
There’s a top tip for sparkling shower screens, our all-new interactive wash-o-meter to reveal the true cost of your  laundry AND much much more…
Use a smol dishwasher tablet diluted in a spray bottle to clean shower glass, comes up perfect 😁
Of course, we regularly use smol dishwasher tablets to clean oven glass, rescue burnt pans and remove unsightly limescale rings from plugs and taps but this was a new one for us! It had to be tried and tested here at smol HQ.
We dissolved the tablet in boiling water first BEFORE allowing it to cool and then we poured the mixture into a clean empty spray bottle. Having used this daily as a quick shower wipe with our rubber gloves on, then giving a good rinse down, this past week we can confirm it really does keep shower glass looking clear. We wouldn't recommend using on an acrylic or other plastic screen, however.
It seems we’ve found another use for the mighty dishwasher tablet and its brilliant limescale prevention! 
Pop on your marigolds, give it a go and let us know how you get on!

We’re learning a little bit more about the fabulous Maddy this November smol talk, so let’s dive in…

what’s a people manager?
My role involves looking after our amazing remote team and helping with everything from recruitment to internal communications, engagement, employee relations, smol career chats and more!

what’s your favourite smol product and why?
I love our fabcon. I had stopped using fabric conditioner years ago after I discovered most of the major brands used animal fat, so I was really pleased to see that smol has a 100% animal fat-free version that makes my clothes feel soft and smell amazing. What’s even better is that you can send your empty bottles back for refill and reuse.

what’s the best bit about your job and working for smol?
It might not come as a surprise given my job title, but I’m a real people person. I love that I get to work with and help people from all across the company, and that no two days are the same. smol’s a pretty special place to work, everyone is so passionate about what we do and wants to make the world a better place - I love being a part of that!

what’s a handy eco-friendly tip you can share for household cleaning?
There’s not much you can’t use white wine vinegar for. It’s great for getting rid of grease on stainless steel, or mix it with some water and use as a glass spray to get rid of water marks in your bathroom.

it’s the weekend... where will we find you and what are you doing?
Almost certainly in the pub with a pint in hand, hanging out with my friends. There might be a gallery or cinema trip thrown in, for balance!
smol wash-o-meter
Whilst you’ll probably never get to the bottom of your laundry pile, our wash-o-meter is here to help you get to the bottom of your hidden laundry costs!

Just answer a few simple questions about your laundry habits and our clever calculator will reveal the breakdown of your washing costs.

Thought the biggest cost for your dirty laundry was your detergent?
You might well be surprised...

We've found that energy makes up a whopping 40% of your total laundry costs! With water costing you 21%, detergent at 24% and drying your clothes coming to 15%. 

Cut your number of weekly tumble drys on the wash-o-meter and watch as your costs “tumble” before your eyes. Opt for the outdoors (which is incredibly FREE) or dry inside (a table fan can speed things up and most only cost a couple of pence per hour to run).

Why not increase your use of the eco cycle or a 20°C wash? The wash-o-meter shows you how much that will save! Yes, these cycles take longer (which puts people off) but they use LESS electricity because there’s no high temperatures.

And why not share the wash-o-meter with your friends so they too can discover ways to save. We LOVE seeing your results shared on social so get calculating and get saving!
Beautiful Brighton did not disappoint. We had fun meeting so many lovely smol stars at our Plastic Amnesty, and of course we enjoyed spreading the revolution to folk who were new to smol.

The fact that big laundry brands are constantly flooding the system with single-use plastic (3.5 plastic packs sold every single second last year from UK supermarkets) came as a shock to many of you. And you were just as concerned by the fact that over 90% of our plastic is NOT being recycled.

It’s frightening just how much plastic laundry waste is generated by the big laundry brands BUT with YOUR help we have collected a LOT of plastic packs and now the work begins to turn wasteful into useful.

Working with Devon Contract Waste we plan to transform this plastic pollution into community benches for the Brighton area so everyone can enjoy this waste material in its new form. Of course by the time you have read this smol talk another 300 plastic packs will have sold in the UK. We wish the big brands could #bemoresmol, but in the meantime why not spread the smol word and refer your friends to join our revolution?
For every successful sign-up you create you’ll receive your next smol laundry or dishwash pack for FREE plus you’ll help stem the tide on plastic laundry waste.
giving December smol
It definitely feels good to give in December, so we're donating EVEN MORE FREE washes to The Hygiene Bank… and we need your help.
For every new sign up throughout the month, we’ll send a laundry capsule to those who are currently living in Hygiene Poverty. 
Hygiene Poverty is a hidden and debilitating situation faced by over 3 million in the UK currently. Long before we start visiting a food bank we will have stopped buying hygiene products for ourselves and our families. Hygiene poverty means being unable to buy the basic items so many of us take for granted; soap, deodorant, toothpaste and detergent.
So if there's a product you've been meaning to try, or friends who would love to join the smol revolution with a free trial... now's the time! Spread the smol word and share your referral link on your account (you'll get a free pack of smol for every sign up) and encourage others to check us out too.
Let’s make this a Christmas where those of us in need don’t have to worry about not being able to do their family’s laundry.
That's it from us for now. However you are spending the holidays we hope you get to take some time out from the cleaning and enjoy a much needed, restful break with friends and family. We'll be back with our next smol talk in 2023! See you then!