september smol talk

It’s back to school and back to work for many of us right now HOWEVER
we hope there’s a little time in your day for some smol talk.
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Some of you may already feel you know The Steelers, particularly if you’ve watched the wonderful documentary of the same name by Eammon Ashton-Atkinson. It’s moving, funny and wonderfully inspiring as it follows the team through the world’s largest LGBTQ+ rugby competition (the Bingham Cup).
smol wholeheartedly champions the small guys and grassroots sport is about more than the sport itself; health benefits, meeting others, learning new skills and creating community links. When groups come together new friendships arise, people feel valued and encouraged to volunteer, all critically important to community development. The ripples spread outwards. 
Founded as the first ever gay inclusive rugby union club in 1995, The Kings Cross Steelers were revolutionaries and sparked the beginning of a growing inclusive rugby movement that now boasts over 80 clubs worldwide. It’s why we’re super excited about our future with The Steelers. Read all about the team and why we’re partnering with them here. 
smol peeps
The smol spotlight’s on…. our lovely Nicky from Customer Service. We expect that quite a lot of you will already have heard from Nicky if you’ve reached out to customer service for help at any time. Her desire to help and great sense of fun has been a great lift to the team during Covid lockdown. We had a few questions for her...
Fave smol product: 
Our brilliant dishwasher tablets because I love the way they clean the dishes and our machine always sparkles afterwards. 
Fave bit about working for smol:
Receiving positive feedback from customers makes my day and I feel lucky to work with like-minded people at a company whose ethos I can believe in.
Fave sort of weekend:
Watching my boys play cricket and football, taking the dogs for a long  walk and eating out with my family.
  cleaning over door with dishwasher tablet
Check out these amazing before and after photos of an oven door getting the smol dishwash tablet treatment! We think you’ll be amazed! A damp tablet rubbed over the glass delivers miraculous results. Grab a bowl of warm water to keep the surface damp and your smol dishwash tablet does the hard work for you. No elbow grease required! Our customers are finding all sorts of hidden dishwash tablet talents.
Head to our social pages to see them clean the limescale from your plugs, showers and taps - it’s time to release them from the kitchen! 
All this PLUS they were voted BBC Good Food’s Best All Round Dishwasher tablet for their excellent performance in your dishwasher. With salt, rinse aid and glass protector included there’s no need to buy anything else.

smol dishwasher tablets


smol footprint wins smol victory

A distinguished panel of industry experts and eco-aficionados from Marie-Claire have highly commended smol in their 2021 Sustainability Awards as a brand that helps cut your carbon footprint. 

Switching to smol laundry and having it delivered, results in a 35% cut in carbon emissions compared to leading brands (this rises to 46% for dishwash).* 

It’s one more swap that can really make a difference with smol customers collectively saving 9000 tonnes of carbon so far. That’s the same as removing 2000 cars from the road for a whole year!!!

Given the UN’s recent climate report we are all the more proud to be the only household brand to receive this recognition. Thank you Marie-Claire!

*2021 LCA by eLoop sustainability experts.

We’ll be back with another smol talk before Chr**stm*s (shhhh! We can’t quite write that word just yet in September). In the meantime we hope to see you over on our socials.