Laundry Day Festival

On the 1st September, Antwerp welcomed 65,000 people to celebrate Laundry Day. The only difference is, their Laundry Day involves less electronic appliances and more electronic dance.


The one-day dance festival in Belgium is regarded as one of the craziest in Europe, and if you missed it this year, why not check our top ten tips to recreate your very own laundry day festival at home.

  1. Simulate the pain of pounding bass by clipping eight plastic clothes pegs on to each ear.

  2. Forget about using a glass, create your very own sound system by putting your phone in the washing machine drum. Just, don’t turn it on.

  3. Put your ear to the driveway an attempt to hear some garage.

  4. Make the kids American-style snacks for lunch and charge them €5 per hotdog. And €2 for onions.

  5. Drop an aspirin.

  6. Recreate that ‘living in a field’ feeling by building a fort in the kitchen and not going to the toilet.

  7. Get your fix of Drum n Bass by jamming on their drumkit with a couple of meaty fish.

  8. Spray yourself with your own beer.

  9. Flick the light switch off and on while jumping on Lego. Because who doesn’t like the feeling of being stepped on.
  10. Tie glowsticks to your hands and clean the basement. This is real underground Grime.

NB: If you’re going anywhere nearyour son’s bedroom, just make sure those are glowsticks, and not UV lights. No one needs that rude awakening.