a smol refill

Did you know you could return your empty smol cases to us?

Deliveries come and go here at smol HQ but we especially love receiving your empties that you return to us for re-use. Whilst they are 100% recyclable (including the label), some of you live in areas where the council doesn’t accept them (although 79% of UK councils do). And many more of you simply prefer to return your packs rather than recycle. Either option is more sustainable than the mainstream so pats on backs all-round.

Once your empties arrive, we check and clean them before they are refilled. Any that are structurally damaged will be recycled. In our commitment to sustainability we have absorbed these extra costs of handling, cleaning and repacking. It does however mean that we can’t pay your return postage. We are still a small independent so aren’t quite at the point where we can afford this yet.

We recommend that you save up a few packs at a time therefore, pop them in a jiffy bag and post to us second class. Our return address is always on our packs:


smol ltd

PO Box 632




Most exciting of all we hope to share some very exciting packaging news with you in the near future. Do please keep watching this space and in the meantime keep those empties coming ;)