6 reasons to swap to smol cleaning products.

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Thinking about switching to smol for your household laundry, dishes and surfaces? Then of course you’ll want to know that our products:

  • work as well as (or better than) the big brands
  • are better for the planet
  • come in compostable, recyclable or refillable packaging
  • are vegan and cruelty-free
  • include FREE delivery to your door
  • arrive to suit YOU… maybe weekly or once every few months… YOU’RE in control.

1. laundry capsules. 



Want clean fresh laundry that’s wonderfully soft and smells incredible? Using smol technology we have found a way to use less chemicals per wash with NO LOSS of cleaning performance.  Our bio gives great stain-removal, our non-bio is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and there’s even a fragrance-free capsule for those who prefer no scent at all. All this in 100% plastic-free packaging!

2. dishwasher tablets.



Our award-winning all in one tablets were voted “Best All-Round Dishwasher Tablet” by BBC Good Food. No need to buy separate salt, rinse-aid or glass protector because one tablet does it all. There’s no plastic packaging and no individual wrappers because the tablet coating dissolves away, biodegrading down into water and carbon dioxide. Brilliant!

3. multi purpose surface spray. 



Choose REFILL not LANDFILL and make this the last plastic spray bottle you buy. With some water from your tap and our tiny refill tablets your zesty multi purpose spray cleans so many surfaces in your home. You’ll cut your spray cleaning carbon by 91%* in an instant and at just £6 for 6 tablets your refill packs arrive just as required so you’ll never run out of cleaner again.

4. fabric conditioner.



If you like super soft laundry with a mellow summer fragrance then our animal fat-free fabric conditioner is where it’s at. So many fabric softeners are based on animal fat but not ours. And what’s more, our incredibly concentrated formulation means just 4 tiny pumps of fabcon is all that’s needed for a standard load which means our twin-pack can last for 128 laundry loads!      

5. washing up liquid.   



Plant-based and biodegradable with a grease-busting formula, our perfectly pink grapefruit washing up liquid gives fabulous results even in cold water. No parabens, phthalates, triclosan or benzenes, just dazzling dishes and spotless pots. Return your empties for refill using the FREE returns service or recycle them in your kerbside collection.       

6. stain gel. 



Powerful enzyme technology works hard to clean stains so you don't have to. And there’s absolutely NO BLEACH! Apply our stain gel direct to stains for exceptional results or add to your detergent drawer for an all over laundry lift. This concentrate formula means a bottle will last many months and clothes stay safe - losing just the stain… not their colour.

smol things make a big difference.


*Full LCA by eLoop sustainability experts 2020

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