5 reasons to switch to smol laundry capsules

1. free trial & regular delivery

Start with our FREE TRIAL and never add laundry detergent to your shopping list again!

Tell us how many washes you do a week and we’ll deliver your capsules through your letterbox exactly as and when you need them. Cancel, skip or pause any time, you're in control.

2. powerful performance.

smol capsules are industry tested to perform better than or equal to leading brands. Powerful surfactants keep whites bright, whilst a bleach-free formula protects colours from fading. Whereas powder takes time to dissolve, our capsules get to work straight away working brilliantly at lower temperatures.
pack of smol laundry capsules

3. smol price.

We’ve started a revolution to clean up the planet because we’re fed up with expensive eco brands that don’t work. We deliver high-performing cleaning products that are great for you and better for the planet… all at a fair price.

4. we’re vegan and cruelty free.

We are proud to say all our products are cruelty free, Leaping Bunny approved and 100% free of any animal derived ingredients.
plastic and cruelty free symbols

5. 100% plastic free.

Our laundry capsules come in FSC approved cardboard, that’s home-compostable or fully recyclable. No more virgin plastic bottles that aren’t recycled and no more powder cardboard boxes laminated in plastic. Our capsules are also certified free from microplastics by Flustix.

Washing with powder releases around 3 x the plastic microfibres from your clothing than washing with capsules (which have the same impact on microfibre release as washing in water alone).* Another great plastic-saving reason to switch to smol!



*Microfiber release from real soiled consumer laundry and the impact of fabric care products and washing conditions 2020 Lant, Hayward, Madusha, Peththawadu, Sheridan, Dean.