the smol hour

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Smol’s super-slick packaging means that it can be posted through your door every month, so you never have to run out to pick up laundry capsules ever again. With 44% of trips to the supermarket taking over an hour, we want to celebrate the things you could do with this extra hour, and have compiled our top ten.



  • Learn how to say “free trial” in as many new languages as you can
  • Make 30 individual cups of tea
  • Make a start on reading that book you still haven’t opened yet
  • Iron one hundred socks
  • Recycle the bag for life drawer that’s spiralled out of control
  • Listen to Queen’s Greatest Hits album… with 1 min 41s to spare
  • Rally everyone for some family game time
  • Try your hand at baking
  • Count to six thousand
  • Watch and re-watch that Top Gun volleyball scene 30 times





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