smol meets the apprentice

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Another year means another trip to City Hall, as we get ready to tune in to watch Lord Sugar’s next business candidates stumble their way through a 12 week scavenger hunt.


There will be tears, tantrums and the inevitable plethora of jokes that even Penguin biscuits would be ashamed of. Over the next 3 months, 16 of the UK’s most ambitious entrepreneurs will be locked up in a London townhouse with no access to the outside world, presumably also refusing mealtimes because they’ll just be eating each other for breakfast.


No one here at smol can help them decide which colour in their new doggy shellac range would look best on a Labrador, but what we can do is deliver their laundry capsules straight to them through that locked door. So, they can run all over London working up a sweat, totally safe in the knowledge that 24 laundry capsules will be waiting for them on the door mat in fully recyclable packaging.


Of course we want to wish every one of the budding business hopefuls luck for the competition, but despite being the world’s most effective laundry capsule, even the strength of our formula can’t get rid of their impending bulls**t.


big is dead, long live smol.

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