the 7 wonders of smol dishwash

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Who loves sparkling glassware, bright, shiny cutlery and gleaming plates? We thought you might ;) That’s why we created our wonderful little dishwash tablets. But how well do you really know your smol? 
Read on to discover our top 7 smol dishwash facts and their secret superhero powers.

1. A welcome addition!
smol dishwash arrived in January 2019 – the most effective concentrated dishwash tablet in the world. Super smol but super powerful, the perfect pink add-on to our family.
2. The power of pink!
They are all in one – containing glass protector, rinse aid and salt. No need to add anything else (saving you even more time and money) just pop in your machine and you are good to go!
3. Take it easy!
Each pack holds 30 tablets and because we work out your delivery schedule for you so you’ll never run out ever again. As one happy customer gushed, “When one pack runs out, the next magically drops onto the doormat – wonderful!”.
4. No fuss no fight!
There’s no need to remove the tablet film. It’s a polyvinyl alcohol that is fully soluble and biodegrades down into water and carbon dioxide. Pretty neat.
5. Pink is the new green!
smol dishwash is eco-friendly, using lower levels of added chemicals per wash compared to other tablet brands. All this with no loss of performance! Our packs are also plastic-free, each one saves the planet from 4 water bottles-worth of plastic. We think that’s worth shouting from the rooftops.
6. Only tested on tea cups!
We don’t believe that animals should suffer so that you can have clean dishes. We are Leaping Bunny accredited (Cruelty Free International) plus we are also vegan friendly, using no animal ingredients or derivatives. If only all other brands could say the same.
7. Our superhero!
Fancy a stress-free oven clean? Snap on some kitchen gloves and rub a damp tablet over your oven surface; you’ll be amazed how quickly it cleans away the grime. Wipe off the residue with a clean cloth and ta’dah! You can even cleanse your washing machine by popping one in the drum then running an empty hot cycle. Magic.
Seven wonderful reasons to try smol dishwash. And with our free trial pack there’s really no excuse not to… give them a go and tell us how you get on.
smol things make a big difference 😉

big is dead, long live smol.

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