We’re not exactly sure who wants to read a blog about laundry (or dishwashing), but having one helps more people find us on the internet – so every so often we’ll post an update, maybe some detergent trivia, perhaps a joke about non-bio, sometimes even an ode to the dirty dishes. Welcome to a smol blog. posted.

christmas party wear

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‘Tis the season for Christmas parties... fa la la la la, la la la la la la!🔔   Clothes decorated with sequins and glitter are gloriously glam at this time of year, but sadly… they're a nightmare to wash and not great for the environment 😢   We wouldn't recommend buying new but if you already own sequinned partywear, here are our top suggestions for how to look after them✨   When washing sequinned items you must be very careful as they’re really delicate. Always check the label to make sure the clothes are safe to machine wash (as some will...

big is dead, long live smol.

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