We’re not exactly sure who wants to read a blog about laundry (or dishwashing), but having one helps more people find us on the internet – so every so often we’ll post an update, maybe some detergent trivia, perhaps a joke about non-bio, sometimes even an ode to the dirty dishes. Welcome to a smol blog. posted.

smol talk

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We’re often fielding questions here at smol (keep them coming) but when we’re not being quizzed for our top laundry tips we’re often asked what does smol actually mean? Does it stand for anything? Is it from another language and just how exactly do you say it out loud?  Time then to clear up any confusion, set the record straight and explain the meaning behind the word. smol is something or someone that is extremely small and just completely adorable. Given the tiny size of our capsules, you can see why we felt it appropriate. We’ve probably witnessed most spelt...

big is dead, long live smol.

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