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Here at smol we’ve long left the Love Island behind, sailing now on the terrestrial tv ship towards GBerkshire’s Great British Bake-Off tent.


12 bakers entered the famous arena, armed with their best whisk and lucky aprons. On biscuit week we saw how the cookie crumbled as Imelda hung up her boots, and cake week served up a slice of reality for Luke. Blood sweat and tears have already been spilled, but luckily for the contestants smol’s free trial can be on its way to them to remove any unsightly stains in time for next week’s showdown.


Week three sees Bread Week come to the tent, and no amount of sourdough, flour or disappointment can permanently stain the aprons of the budding bakers as they use this week to practice. Especially while smol continues to have the world’s most effective concentrated laundry capsule.


Forget about the handshakes, Jon stole the show with his “need to put my drizzle into my cake” quote. While we don’t condone this kind of activity before the watershed, whatever you get up to in the kitchen, our capsules are always just 16p, so we've always got you covered 



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