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Our fabcon bottle refill scheme is in full swing and many of you are now taking part so thank you!

When we launched our animal fat-free fabcon it felt hugely important that the bottle be either super easy to recycle or returnable to us for refill. We then went one step further and ensured they were made from 100% post-consumer recycled waste which means no new plastic is used to create them. 

Most councils happily take these bottles in your kerbside recycling, however the return for refill scheme is proving incredibly popular instead!

 This system means they can be used again and again which of course is great news for the environment. However, in addition, for every four bottles that are returned to us we donate a pack of laundry capsules on your behalf to The Hygiene Bank, who work tirelessly to end hygiene poverty for the most vulnerable nationwide.

So… if you are ready to return your bottles to us for refill, here are some essential things to note:

Remember to remove the pump and yellow grip from your empty bottle (keep them safe for your next bottle). These are your forever items and your next fabcon pack will not include them. 

We recommend keeping the original box that your fabcon bottles arrived in. This box will hold 4 empty fabcon bottles. All you need to do is put the empties inside and tape it shut.

Cross out your address label and write your name/postcode on the pack.

Affix postage, then send back to us and we'll donate a pack of laundry capsules on your behalf to The Hygiene Bank

Don’t worry if you haven’t kept your original box, you can send your empties to us in any suitable packaging. Our address for returns is:

Smol Ltd

PO Box 692



And once again, don’t forget... whether you are recycling your bottles or sending them back to us for refill - please keep hold of your pump and your yellow grip. 


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