pimp my letterbox

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smol is the worlds most concentrated laundry capsule, and what’s better, it fits nicely though your letterbox so you don’t have to worry about those bulky boxes any longer. With all this letterbox action, you’ll want to follow our new 4-step process below to make sure yours is the best in the street.


  • WD40 is your hero, making sure the screws are tight and the flap is easily liftable. The postman has better things to do than fiddle with your letterbox, make it easy for him and you’ll have those capsules through even faster.
  • Pompoms are all the rage this year, why stick some on each corner and add a few to the outside of the door to brighten up the postman’s day.
  • Founding member of smol? Our new and exclusive smol sticker set is 2018’s answer to the Sky TV dish; helping you flaunt your status with the neighbours. They say money can’t buy you happiness but if you’ve got £3.85, then we beg to differ.
  • For those of us lucky people that know it’s all about what’s on the inside - put a lovely message on the underside of the flap. The next time someone lifts your letterbox, you’ll be lifting their spirits.

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