Love Island

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At smol, we’re totally gripped by this year’s Love Island. But it’s obvious to us that Adam’s attitude isn’t the only thing that needs cleaning up in the Love Island villa.


As our boys and girls engage in an endless cycle of conscious-recoupling, spare a thought for the local help who have to work double-time to keep up with all that bed-hopping. Not to mention all those outfits. Both need to get cleaned somehow… the boys might spend half of each episode rubbing their T-shirts against their wash-board abs but that’s about as close as they’re going to be getting to doing the laundry.

Their clothes aren’t just branded with fancy labels either, after each re-coupling every muscle-fit shirt and bikini is adorned with blood, sweat and tears. And of course, a river of mascara. Luckily we’re here to the rescue, making light work of those imprinted emotions at just 16p per wash.

So, whether you’re on Love Island or Loathe Island, wipe away those tears and get your free trial now at


big is dead, long live smol.

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