If smol did music playlists......

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Track List

Britney Spears          Non Toxic

Blink 182                   All the smol Things

Ray Charles              no more Mess around

Girls Aloud                Jump in puddles if you want because smol will wash out the dirt

Jessie J                     smol Price Tag

Notorious B.I.G         is dead.long live smol

Stevie Wonder          Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Royal Mail.

Ray Lamontagne      Trouble carrying big boxes of detergent home? Try smol today.

Nina Simone             Feeling Good about these laundry capsules

Eminem                     The Real Slim packaging

Jackie Wilson            These capsules are Reet Petite

Nirvana                      Smells no longer like teen spirit


Bonus Artists

Ludacris to buy your laundry capsules anywhere else. 

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