happy halloween

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It’s Halloween this evening



What’s creepier than that?



I’ll tell you what’s more scary -



The children in my flat!






There’s a zombie in the kitchen



Bobbing apples in some goo,



He’s wiped his face repeatedly



And now my towels are blue.






The vampire in the living room



Should not have been let in.



There’s fake blood on the curtains



Where he’s wiped it from his chin.






A bright green witch fell off her broom



Her screams said she was hurt,



Wet tears ran down her face paint



So she dried them on my skirt.






The werewolf had a sugar rush



From eating all the sweets.



He lay down with a tummy ache



Then threw up on my sheets.






Halloween’s been truly frightening,



My laundry pile is vast



But one thought soothes my frazzled nerves -



smol gets those stains out fast.

big is dead, long live smol.

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