Happy Fathers Day

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Every day should be Father’s Day, they really all are cracking,

but when it comes to buying gifts we can be somewhat lacking.


This Father’s Day we’ve made a list, of all the classic things,

that we’ll be gifting to our dad, for all the joy he brings.


First of all we buy him socks, because his are ALWAYS wearing thin,

even when there’s holes in both, but won’t put them in the bin.


Then a tie or cufflinks, so he’s always looking tidy,

but from Monday right through Thursday, not just in the pub on Friday!


Next is a disappointing t-shirt, and of course it’s oversized,

you thought he’d really like it, but you can see it in his eyes.


The he unwraps the chocolate and just gets it everywhere,

covering the socks tie and t-shirt, and even in his hair.


Luckily there’s one last gift to solve this messy woe,

a concentrated laundry tab that’ll clean him head to toe.


It drops through the letterbox, on Father’s Day itself,

and has such small packaging so it won’t take up his shelf.


He only needs one capsule, to return those clothes to new,

plus they smell really great which is good for him, and you.


So forget the socks and cufflinks, the one gift that will make him smile,

is delivered from smolproducts.com, and started as a free trial.

big is dead, long live smol.

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