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One spooky night in October

I was walking back home alone,

I was passing my neighbour’s house,

When I heard a terrible moan.

I looked around, frightened and scared,

Then I laughed at myself and grinned,

“You’re being silly, it’s nothing.

It was probably just the wind.”


But that’s when I heard it again,

A frightening, worrisome whine.

It came from the neighbour’s garden.

From a ghost on the washing line.


The phantom was pale and white,

It fluttered and flapped in the breeze,

So I screamed and ran to my door,

Desperately clutching my keys.


 I climbed upstairs to my bedroom,

 Relieved to be in, off the streets,

 But another ghost was waiting,

 Where my husband was changing the sheets.


 I looked at my hubby and nodded,

Then we grappled and wrestled the ghoul,

We chucked him in the washing machine,

Along with a smol bio capsule.


He sloshed in a high spin cycle,

I watched as the ghost washed away,

The sheet came out white, bright and clean,

my smol capsule had saved the day.



Image credit -  Aled Lewis

big is dead, long live smol.

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