Eastenders Launderette Trivia

Posted by smol on

There have been big changes in the borough of Walford this year, as Karen Taylor took the reins of Mr. Papadopolous’ famous EastEnders launderette back in January.

To celebrate the grand reopening of this soap staple, we look back on the history and reveal our eight best facts about this famed location.

  • Known forever as ‘the launderette’, it was formerly prefixed with ‘Bridge Street’
  • Pauline Fowler revealed the telephone number on the 4th April 1985, as 020 503 8026
  • Dot Branning reined as queen of the launderette for 55 years
  • There are 6 washing machines, 2 tumble dryers and 1 spin dryer
  • The cost of a wash back in 2010 was £9
  • Smoking has been banned inside. Since 2007
  • On the 12 December 2016, Dot Branning was given her notice
  • Dot Branning has her own washing machine at home despite her long-term launderette employment


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