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‘Tis the season for Christmas parties... fa la la la la, la la la la la la!🔔


Clothes decorated with sequins and glitter are gloriously glam at this time of year, but sadly… they're a nightmare to wash and not great for the environment 😢


We wouldn't recommend buying new but if you already own sequinned partywear, here are our top suggestions for how to look after them✨


When washing sequinned items you must be very careful as they’re really delicate. Always check the label to make sure the clothes are safe to machine wash (as some will be hand wash or dry clean only).


If the sequinned garms are safe to machine wash, we’d recommend zipping, or buttoning, them up and turning them inside out. This will help to protect the sequins in the wash, and lower the chances of the sequins falling off (which could go down the drain and even end up in our oceans!)


To further protect the sequins, or to catch any that fall off the clothing, put the clothes in a protective mesh bag (a safety-pinned pillowcase will work too).


Wash on a cold, gentle cycle with a smol bio capsule.


Try to use a no-spin cycle if your machine has the option. If not then try to set it to the lowest spin cycle possible.


Always air dry outside or on an airer indoors if it's too chilly👍


Happy party season everyone!

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